Weekly Qigong Classes

Qigong class

Qigong in St Werbergh’s Community Centre

“The Tao is like a well: used but never used up. It is

like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities.’  – Tao Chi Ching

Classes for health and well-being

Beginners and regular practitioners welcome.

Every class will warm up with gentle stretching and moving, then

a variety of easy qigong forms, and always using the Hua Gong,

the healing form, as the centre of the work.  The class will end

with 5 -10 minutes of sitting.  (on chairs though some folk like to sit on the floor)


Tuesday September 24th 545 – 645pm


Wednesday September 25th 9.30 – 10.30 am

Both classes run for an hour and cost £7

Or pay £35 for the first six weeks. £60 for the whole term.

With Nicola Ley

Nicola discovered qigong in 1984, the nine forms of pre-heaven qigong.  She has practiced almost every day since.  She has studied Tai Chi (Yang style) and various forms of qigong.  In 2001 she took up Hua Gong with Dominic Hill who transformed her practice.

For any other information please contact me:




Morning Qigong


Every Friday 9:15 – 10am

At e-Aware, Colston Yard just off Colston Street, BS1 5BD


A led class to leave you awake and grounded as you move into your day. Learn a simple and ancient form that, held by the ‘Qi-field’ of practising with others, will support you in discovering and nurturing your own inner strength for health and wellbeing. We will be mainly working with ‘holding the ball’ or ‘standing like a tree’.

Drop into the ever expanding potential of who you are.

All levels of experience of Qigong are welcome, and I warmly encourage beginners to come a try this beautiful practice.  Invite you to come and share this space with me, and see how it makes a difference to your day.

For further information contact:

Emily 07889996477




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Shiatsu and the Lightbody 

These weekends are taking place in the new London Shiatsu College. Now open to anyone with an interest in Shiatsu, Bodywork, and Light work. The four weekends are:
November 9th/ 10th Sacred Geometry – using the fruit, flower and tree of life, and other sacred geometry

February 22nd / 23rd DNA and the whole presence energy

May 24th / 24th 9 dimensions – a root from the atomic to the cosmic

June 21st / 22nd Working with light codes – Bringing the energy of light into the chakras

Contact Nicola for further details


Dominic Hill

Dominic will be in Bristol before Christmas. Contact us if you would like to know more!