source workNicola Ley (Pooley) BSc, BA, PGCE, Dip. Shiatsu MRSS (T)

is passionate about energy work – shiatsu and qigong.

–       Artist – recent show ‘energyworks’ 2011

–       Shiatsu College teacher since 1984

–       Qigong teacher and qigong camp survivor

–       Shiatsu and Qigong teacher trainer

–       Author of “Shiatsu in a nutshell”

Nicola’s interest in shiatsu started in Tokyo.  She was the person who turned up at her first shiatsu class thinking it would be a martial art. However, she was hooked and it has been the main part of her life ever since.

Pauline Sasaki has been a great influence over Nicola’s work since the early eighties.  More recently Nicola was in a small group of European teachers who studied Pauline’s high-energy work.  Nicola has developed this alongside her qigong practice into her lightbody work.

Nicola is an artist who at an early age, was illustrating flowers and became a botanical artist with drawings and watercolours accepted by the Society of Botanical Artists.  Over the last ten years she has changed to representing the energy she ‘sees’ while she works with energy.

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